Get out your way is an inspiring book that seeks to make people understand that by holding on to the hurt and disappointment of the past, they are holding themselves back and cannot progressively move forward if one does not let go of the pain of the past.

The book talks to those who think that they have life all figured and do not listen to anybody but themselves, and also talks to those who look down on themselves because of where they come from or how they look and says to them: by being arrogant or looking down on yourself, you are holding yourself back. You are standing on your way to greatness. The book seeks to make one understand that the greatest enemy against our success is the man/woman in the mirror. If you can empower the man/woman in the mirror, then no one and nothing on the outside will stop you.


"Mr. Systenious Makhubele is such a prolific writer. Imperatively the author's approach in writing is profound and readable. This is a powerful and absorbing read and is both full of heart and it is heart-wrenching. I really enjoyed the book on so many levels; it is a beautiful and encouraging book. I would recommend this great find to anyone who finds themselves stuck with life challenges and looking for a gentle direct path out through the help and guidance of Jesus Christ Our saviour." Mr. Carel Motshekga- CEO EL-Journey, Founder 70 Leadership Foundation

"A deep searching book indeed. Systenious challenges a student, the unemployed, scholars and entrepreneurs to come out of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams. Get out of your way and let this book revolutionize your life." Mr. Elvis Mahlo. Co-founder of Newlife Message.

"Get out of your way! This book has taught me great things. Mr. S. Makhubele suggests ways in which facing our difficulties and suffering through the changes can enable us to reach a higher level of self-understanding. He discusses the types of people in this world, the hopeless, the secure and the dreamers. I belonged to the secure but after reading this book I chose to be the dreamer. The author emphasizes the power of anchoring yourself like a growing seed, how to have a meaningful life and helps us realize our full potential when success is the only option. This is not just a book but a spontaneous act of generosity written by an author who leans towards the reader for the purpose of sharing something larger than himself."Sithembiso Khalitswayo

“I liked the whole book but I enjoyed reading the chapter that talks about Forgiveness because I felt that it was talking to me. It opened my eyes and healed my soul in such a way that I’m totally a new person. I feel like I have a purpose in this world to change my surrounding no matter how difficult it is.”Silindile Tsotetsi