It's not just words, It's bigger than that

Words are powerful

It's not just putting words together trying to construct a sentence,then a paragraph,then a chapter and ultimately a book. No, it's bigger than that. The words we speak or write are life. They touch the core of a human being and make a difference in a way that we cannot fully comprehend. There is power in our words. If you don't believe me; Wait until someone who was down and out says to you: "things were hard for me and slowly but surely I was checking out on life, but I heard you speak at this event,I was moved and from that day on I picked myself up and tried again and now four years later I'm running my own business and I'm doing well." Wait until your words reach someone who was on a self destructive path because they were angry with their Dad/Mom and were questioning, if God loves them, why did he let all the bad things happen to them.Wait until such a person says to you "Through your Facebook updates God helped me to trust in him." Wait until someone says to you: "I struggled with self acceptance,I never felt beautiful enough,I always thought I'm a nobody because of how I look but through your book. God helped me to accept myself" It's not just words,Trust me. It's life. There is a lot of power in our words. It's not just putting words together and constructing a sentence. It's bigger than that,It's life. As the scripture says:" The power of life and death is in the tongue" You don't know who you are touching with your words. Use them wisely.