Keep On Believing

Your Spring is Coming

In Horticulture,there is a term that describes a period or a stage that plants go through which might be relevant to us as people, and that term is Dormancy. Dormancy is the state in which a plant or plant part exhibits little or no growth and in which most, if not all, metabolic activity ceases for a period of time. It might be that you are having a dormant period of your own-nothing seems to be working and it seems like you are stuck,you've tried all you could but it's just not working out the way you want it to.Don't give up,you are only having your dormancy period but the good news is that dormancy is only for a certain period. Plants go through their dormancy during winter,the leaves turn brown and fall off but come spring- they start afresh and be as green as they can ever be. May be things are not going your way,things are falling apart-take heart its only winter,your spring is coming. In every story, there comes a time and a chance for a turn around. Hold on to your dreams. Your turn around shall come. Just keep on working. Keep on believing. Keep on dreaming. Keep the Hope alive. Don't give up the faith.Success might not come easily or quickly, but if you keep on working, nothing will stop you. Keep on working.Keep on believing. You Shall Overcome.