Accept Yourself

Know Yourself

I have full confidence that if we all set out to know and understand ourselves. If every man accept himself for who he is, then we shall prove ourselves able to live in harmony with ourselves and other selves. We shall look down on others no more, understanding that it is every man's uniqueness that makes him special. If we accept ourselves, we will set out to find and do our life's work to the best of our ability, no matter how big or small, understanding that we are contributing towards the development of humanity. In the words of Reverend King "Every man should do his job so well that the living, the dead or the unborn couldn't do it any better." When a man comes to the knowledge of himself, he gets to understand the importance of his life's work, his assignment. He get's to understand not only why he must do it but also why he must do it well. It is only when we are fully aware of who we are that we get to realize that life is not only about our upward mobility on the success ladder, but that we also have a responsibility towards others. We have the responsibility to teach, to inspire, to help, to look out for each other and above all to care. In the words of Rev Martin Luther King "What affects you directly, affects me indirectly. We either go up together or we go down together." There is oneness to humanity. One speaker once asked "Do you consider it a blessing or a curse when you are the only person who is successful in your community?" Let it be our tradition to uplift those who have tried and failed to move up the success ladder. To inspire those who are on the verge of making it but are so worn out to even realize it. To come through for that family that is being rounded up because they can't afford legal counsel. To engage those who never had the same opportunities that we've had, let's motivate them. Support their dreams, don't pull them down because there but for the grace of God, go-we might have been in their shoes. But we are here. In the words of president Obama, Let's make it our tradition "To care about justice for everyone, white, black and brown. everyone. not just some. Let's make sure that everyone has a voice, and everyone gets a seat at the table, that everybody,no matter what they look like or where they come from,what their last name is-it doesn't matter, everybody gets a chance to walk through those doors of opportunity if they are willing to word hard enough." Let it be our tradition to be considerate. There is nothing weak about being kind. Let love be our portion. But all this can only be realized when we know, understand and accept ourselves for who we are. When we accept our life's work no matter how big or small and set out to do it to the best of our ability, Not seeking recognition but for the fulfillment that we draw from it. You want to change the world? it starts with you. Know thyself. Love thyself. There are better days ahead. You Shall Overcome.